Bottom Roughing Machine, Dry Antifier Sanding Machine, Sanding Pad Machine, Mumbai, India

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Bottom Roughing Machine

Mod. 87-88

Mod. 87-88 Dry Antifier Sanding Machine at 2 stations - Patented - sanding Pad machine with dryantifare,with 2 exhause fans and 2 binders incorporates (only for mad. 88) Center motor is at 3hp with two selectable speeds.The particular inner structure of the machine with the vvortices mounts allows to you to reduce the fire possibilities remarkably

bottom roughing machine

HT 1050S2X


Cabinet Style Dust Cleaning Grinding Wheel Cutting
Machine (Double Head)

This machine are mainly for upper's polishing and
Draw the hair,this machine are developed from the
HT1030S.X.production efficiency increasing a lot

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