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Sole Attaching Machine 603


DS-603 Universal Sole Attaching Machine for shoe

This machine is applicable for the adhesion and bonding of molding insole and combined outsole of all kinds of man and lady shoes.

The pressure head achieves automatic balance with the hydraulic connector to ensure uniform pressing force in the front and at the back.

The encircling back support achieves automatic adjustment so that the heel doesn't move during bonding process.

The spring of the bonding table at the toe cap is freely adjustable.

The hinge-type front seat and the height-adjustable rubber insert will adapt to the bonding of man & lady shoe with any heel height under the spring force and ensure even pressure and secure bonding at the same time.


This machine is all-hydraulic and electrical automatic control, selecting the best electric elements. It's reliable to use, large productive, laborsaving and convenient to operate; Using special sole pressing structure , it can get the best sole pressing and sticking effect for the sprang,the heel shape and size, and toecap change of the sole size. It has the precise measurement structure; it can choose the most appropriate repressure sole pressing,improve the pressing sticking quality for all kinds of shoes. It suits for both men's and women's shoes, it is the ideal equipment for the shoe industry.

Technical Details :

  • motor-driven machine : 2-4HP, 380V, 1.5KW
  • working pressure : 2.5?3.5Mpa
  • flow capacity : 22 liters/minute
  • working efficiency : 2500-3000pairs/8h
  • adjustable-discharge pump : YCM-SF-300-20
  • machine size : 780X1080X1980mm
  • machine weight : 800Kg
  • package size : 830X1300X2400mms
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