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Thermo Cementing and Folding Machine


DS-701A-B Automatic Thermo Cementing & Folding Machine for shoe

This machine is applicable for the folding and French binding purpose for leather products such as shoes and bags.

The temperature of the glue tank and glue delivery temperature may be set with digital display.

The glue feeding quantity may be set on the panel according to the folding width and speed to ensure secure folding and save glue consumption.

The speed automatically slows down and thins at the outer curve.

The folding width is adjustable and reinforcing band can be also wrapped inside automatically.

Designed with jaw positioning function, it makes sure the jaw is under the maximal opening after each stop to ensure the loading of work pieces and easy operation.

The folding lines are clear and beautiful.

On the basis of our previous folding machine, the new features such as automatic thermo-cementing and convex low speed are added in this machine according to the requirements of manufacturers, so as to raise the automatism of the machine and increase the product quality and productivity. The structure of electromechanical nature is employed in the complete machine, featuring dependable and convenient operation, therefore, it is one ideal advanced equipment for leather industry.

Technical Details

  • Industrial sewing machine electromotor : 220V,0.4KW,1400r/min
  • Charging tank thermal power : 0.56KW
  • Weight : 97Kg
  • Folding width : (3~7)mm adjustable
  • Cementing capacity : (0~5)g/min adjustable

Installation of Equipment:

As one kind of work bench, it should avoid machine nose and electric box from damaging during its transportation, which should be placed evenly on the ground and be not yielded and swaged. Additionally, its oil level & cleaning degree should be examined after installation, please ensure its electro steering correct by switching on power.

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