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Tip Cutting Machine


Double cutting unit and pneumatic printing unit hydraulic knob with self-centering belt for belt and / or strip in general:

  • Hydraulic power 3000 Kg;
  • Pneumatic power 900 Kg;
  • Print area 210x100 mm;
  • Self-centering work tables;
  • Spare exhaust exits;
  • Seat belts;
  • LED light;
  • Electronic work unit opening;
  • Counting pieces; 
  • Orientable work units (version G).


  • Optical positioner;
  • Mechanical end stroke;
  • Micrometric stroke end;
  • Waist belt kit;
  • Safety barriers.


Type Hydraulics / Pneumatics
Hydraulic power 3000 Kg
Pneumatic power 900 Kg
Tool length 280mm
Print area 210x110 mm
Open max test 1600 mm
Opening guides 5-125 mm
Installed power 2.7 Kw
Standard Voltage 400/50/3
Machine weight 465Kg
dimensions 160x75x150 cm
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