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    Toe Lasting Machine

BC-710 RCP

Daily Production : 250 pairs/ hour
Electric Power : 3Kw
Working Pressure : 5MPA
Dimensions : cm. 115(45") x 183(72")x210(83")
Net Weight : Kg. 1100 (2425 LBS)
Gross Weight with Crate : Kg. 1300 (2866 LBS)

Toe Lasting Machine

BC-710 RC

BC710 RC Thermoplastic Toe Lasting Machine

* Adjustable in front and back part applicator - Applicator with interchanging head - Applicator with automatic left and right

* Wipers system long lasting - 9 pincers - receving pincer 5-Last support double release (with mechanical detention for shop precision

* Seting position of pincers adjustable seperately between the left and the right pincers group

Thermoplastic Toe Lasting Machine

BC-710 RCT

BC710 RCT Thermoplastic Toe Lasting Machine

Pulling over and Toe Lasting Machine
without programmed tracers System

Thermoplastic Toe Lasting Machine

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