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Top Lining Forming XX0169


This is a model of dual working station one c-ld and one hot

Particularly suitable for ladies shoes with any height of heel, the machine is also interesting for men's when the producer wants to enphasize the shoe appearance.

  • This machine is applicable to final molding and finishing. Before last removing and packing, melt the glue of the heel which is deformed with electric heating and then cool down for molding. The heel after molding will have a straight and perfect shape. In addition, the heating and cooling will remove the damp so as to keep it from mold growth.
  • The temperature of hot last and heating time may be regulated freely upon the material of vamp.
  • For cold last, it cools down very quickly and the cooling time can be adjusted up to -15oC. It has a good moulding effect.

Technical Details :

  • Machine Size : 700X650X1250mm
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Air pressure : 0.6Mpa
  • Power : 0.5Kw
  • Production : 800 pairs/8hrs
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