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Until 1978, shoe and leather goods components were cut manually; needing highly skilled workers, producing small quantities due to manual production; leading to small outputs and mostly inaccurate end-products, causing dimensional inaccuracies in production.

For shoes and leather goods, if the cutting of the components is not 100% accurate; the subsequent processes like skiving, edge gluing; edge folding and even final stitching would not be even and will give a distorted look of presentation.



MR. H.K. RAZDAN, CEO. OF HARMAN GROUP Established a partnership company, HARMAN SALES UNION, in Mumbai in the year 1959, for International indenting business; dealing bicycle parts, automobile parts and raw material imports.

In 1965; the company was turned into proprietorship; with the same name.


In 1966/67, MR. H.K. RAZDAN lived in Milano, Italy; for expanding the lines of business; including exports from India of garments and embroideries. For this activity, he was awarded a golden Oscar for high fashion embroideries in a fashion show in Padova, Italy during 1970. With simultaneous business developed with Italy for import of automobile parts etc, and export of embroiders to Italy, HARMAN SALES UNION was awarded a gold medal in 1975 by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, industry, agriculture and handicrafts, for development of foreign trade.


IN 1978, we started the activity also of manufacturing cutting dies of a special kind for the very first time in india in the name of RAZDAN GROUP a sister concern; and today we have 17 such die factories all over india; some managed by partners and some by employed professionals. Our record so far is that professionals and employees joining us seldom leave us. We have the examples of even second generation of employees working with us.


IN THE 1980’S, HARMAN SALES UNION WAS CONVERTED TO HARMAN SALES PVT. LTD. Since automobile parts business and exports were moving downward; in 1975, a new line of machinery imports was established; concentrating upon Italian machines for leather industry. Ever since, this is the main line of HARMAN SALES PVT LTD.

During the period of 1961-2007, liaison offices were established at Kolkata, Agra, Kanpur, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Baroda, Calicut, Ambur, Jaipur, Hyderabad in that order; which are all focused on leather industry.


HARMAN FOOTWEAR COMPONENTS ACCESSORIES was established in 1995, a company producing insoles which immediately made a mark in the Maharashtra region. Having a proud customer base of 70 customers only in Mumbai, HFCA stands tall and is always trying to expand its horizons.


HARMAN SOLES was established in 2005 in order to make high fashion soles for the pre-dominant ladies market of Mumbai. This idea came about since soles are the most important components used in the footwear industry. the work culture of the company has been maintained due to “sincerity towards clients and equally towards suppliers” plus treating all employees as colleagues and associates, with benevolent and generous returns for labour.

Nearly every manufacturer of leather goods and footwear in india knows us and almost every italian and chinese manufacturer of machinery for this sector also knows us.



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